All my puppies are born and raised in the midst of my home, with all the usual comings and goings, and household noises being part of their life right from the beginning – socialisation as babies is a vital start to a happy well adjusted companion for the future!

I welcome enquiry’s from genuine Cavalier lovers – NO dealers or pet shops!!! – who can provide a suitable loving home, whether it be for a show or a pet puppy.

Sometimes eldery dogs are looking for nice company.

07-2016 Now Or Never

Trusties It’s Now Or Never heeft 25-07-2016 2 black and tan puppen gekregen, de reu heet Salian Salique en het teefje Sensitive Samantha.
Vader van deze tweeling is Royal Colours Newton.

Op 30-07-2016 schonk Trusties Galatea Golden Age het leven aan 5 dames, 1 blenheim en 4 tri-colour, t.w. Untoucheble Mabel, Useful Love Child, Utopia’s Rose Usual Pandora en Upper Class Lady

Galatea Golden Age
Now Or Never

07-01-2015, Cynthia has puppy’s

07-01-2015  Cynthia and Dexter are the proud parents from 5 beautiful puppy’s, 2 males and 3 females


Pups Effie are Born 07-11-2014

Op 07-11-2014 zijn Effie en Newton became the proud parents of 7 beautiful puppies
3 Blenheim femals
2 Tri-Colour teefjes femals
2 Tri-Colour males


Pups Jane born 09-09-2014

pups-jane-6week (3)kl
09-09-2014, Kinvaar Wishful Thinking and Trusties Calamity Jane became the proud parents of three beautiful puppies, 2 blenheim males and 1 blenheim female.



Veronica got 2 puppies on 23th februari 2012.
Father is Sandbrea Bolt from the Blue.



Pandora gave us 6 puppies on friday 17th of june. 1 tri-colour male, 2 blenheim females and 3 tri-colour females.



Fergy got her puppies just before newyears.


On december 2nd Mercia gave birth to 3 puppies after Zingaro.


Puppies a-z

Collage of previous litters.